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Any of the numerous scaly, legless,long-bodied and sometimes venomous reptiles of the order Squamata.

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burrowing asp

Animals; Snakes

The burrowing asp is a smallish snake from Africa that spends most of its time underground. It feeds on rodents, and has enlarged fangs that function basically as venomous saberteeth, protruding out ...

tiger keelback snake

Animals; Snakes

Also known as yamakagashi, or Japanese water snake, this species is found mostly in Eastern Asia. It is small, rarely exceeding one meter in length, and very shy, so much in fact that they were ...

flying snake

Animals; Snakes

Flying snakes are found in the rainforests of India and southeastern Asia, and, despite their rather alarming name, they can’t actually fly. They are, however, accomplished gliders. When a flying ...

gaboon viper

Animals; Snakes

The gaboon viper (bitis gabonica) has the longest fangs and the highest venom yield of any venomous snake in the world. Gaboon vipers can be found in West, Central and parts of East Africa, they ...

carpet viper

Animals; Snakes

Carpet vipers (echis genus) are small, bad tempered, highly venomous snakes found north of the equator in Africa. Adults vipers reach an average length of just 20-30 inches. Their venom is hemotoxic ...

copperhead snake

Animals; Snakes

The copperhead snake is one of the most common venomous snakes in North America. Its name is derived from the copper color of its head, no surprise. The main color is chestnut brown, complete with a ...

cottonmouth snake

Animals; Snakes

The cottonmouth is a large and venomous aquatic snake. The cottonmouth earns its name from the white lining on the inside of its mouth. Their main defense mechanism is to open their mouth, exposing ...

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