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The act or process of teaching or learning.

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Teacher of the Year

Education; Teaching

An annual my favorite teacher contest organized by Barnes & Noble to celebrate teachers’ dedication to their students and their ability to inspire. Students are invited to ...


Education; Teaching

A form of messages delivered over a network of communications computers; typically these messages are text but may include images and hyperlinks.

world wide web (WWW)

Education; Teaching

A sub-portion of the Internet where text, images, and video are accessed; what most people refer to as the Internet.

work placement

Education; Teaching

Placing students in specific jobs or employment settings to gain work-related knowledge and skills outside of traditional educational institutions.

work load

Education; Teaching

The amount of work assigned to a person during a specific time period.

work experience

Education; Teaching

Skills and knowledge gained from having been employed or during occupation-related assignments.


Education; Teaching

Statistical process of determining a factor for an item to reflect the importance of the item as it relates to other items, e.g. One test item may be "weighted" to count twice as ...