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Dealing with vehicles or machines used in flight or propulsion through the air.

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tactical air navigation (TACAN)

Aviation; Avionics

A basic guidance mode, providing lateral guidance to a TACAN station; Equipment that determines range and bearing to a radio station with a TACAN transmitter.

terrain avoidance (TA)

Aviation; Avionics

Flight of an aircraft that maintains a constant barometric altitude but flies around obstacles.

terrain following (TF)

Aviation; Avionics

A basic guidance mode that provides vertical guidance to maintain an operator selected radar altitude above the terrain. Flight such that the aircraft tries to maintain a constant ...

marker beacon

Aviation; Avionics

A transmitter operating at 75 MHz that provides identification of a particular position along an airway or on the approach to an instrument runway. The marker beacon is ...

mean time between failures (MTBF)

Aviation; Avionics

A performance indicator calculated by dividing the total unit of flying hours (airborne) accrued over a period of time by the number of unit failures that occurred during the same ...

rabbit tracks

Aviation; Avionics

(1) Also called running rabbits which refer to the distinctive display produced by another (alien radar) radar system transmission. (2) The small dots that remain on the display ...

reflectivity factor (Z)

Aviation; Avionics

A measurement a specific target's ability to reflect the energy from a radar beam.