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Any living creature of the Kingdom Animalia constituting multi-celled organisms as well as single-celled organisms lacking chlorophyll and having the ability for spontaneous movement, such as protozoans.

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Animals > Apes


Animals; Apes

Scientific name is Hominoidea. Thses are the old world anthropoid mammals, more specifically a clad of tailess catarrhine primate.

blue monkey

Animals; Apes

These monkeys are noticeably blue as suggested by their name. They have little hair on their face, that gives them the blue appearance sometimes. They are native to the central ...


Animals; Apes

The chimps come under the group of some of the largest primates. They are closely related to humans, gorillas and the orangutans. They are highly intelligent and sophisticated ...


Animals; Apes

An anthropoid ape (Pan paniscus) of north-central Congo (formerly Zaire), having black hair and more arboreal habits than the common chimpanzee (P. troglodytes). Also called pygmy ...